Railroad Heritage, Spring 2016: Ron Hill, European Posters, Colorization

Get ready for our annual Conversations conference with the Spring 2016 issue of Railroad Heritage. Author, photographer, and board member Jeff Brouws provides a preview of one of the conference presentations with his in-depth look at the photography of Ronald C. Hill. We then travel across the pond to Europe where Arjen den Boers of the Netherlands introduces railway posters from central Europe in the early twentieth century. Davidson Ward offers a brief glimpse into the world of digital colorization of old photographs, while editor Scott Lothes shares some industrial archaeology from New York’s Hudson River Valley. Jordan Radke continues his popular “Out of the Archives” column with a look at processing work and guidelines for submitting your collection for consideration to the Center or another archive. And we gratefully list our donors from 2015, the people who make the Center happen.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage 44, Spring 2016

Railroad Heritage, Winter 2016: Pennell, Awards, Patterson

Railroad Heritage 43, Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 issue of Railroad Heritage boasts sixty pages of content, including five feature articles. Professor Betsy Fahlman examines the remarkable 1919 series of railroad etchings by artist Joseph Pennell. Kevin Keefe profiles photographer, writer, retired railroader, and 2016 conference presenter Steve Patterson. Elrond Lawrence looks at the thirty-seven-year history of the Winterail railroad photography show and its lasting influences. We announce the winners of the 2015 John E. Gruber Creative Photography Award, and Gruber also presents the art of the North Shore’s popular Electroliner trains. The new “Out of the Archives” column continues with its second installment by looking at scanning and digital files.

$9.95, 60 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage, Fall 2015: New York, Midwest, Rail Art

Railroad Heritage 42, Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 issue of Railroad Heritage includes three main features, plus a new column. Photographer Victor Hand shares a gallery of his work from around New York City. There’s a memoir and photographs by Charles McCreary about growing up around trains in the Upper Midwest. Peter Mosse recasts his 2015 Conversations presentations with an in-depth look at the first hundred years of rail art, drawing from his extensive collection. To keep you better apprised of our archiving work, we launched a new column with this issue, “Out of the Archives.” The first installment looks at organization and metadata from the work of our two summer interns in Madison.

This issue is out of print. Get in touch with us about digital copies.

Railroad Heritage, Spring 2015: Lamb, Colter, La Posada, Awards

Railroad Heritage 40, Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 issue of Railroad Heritage features a two-part look at Fred Harvey architecture along the Santa Fe Railway. John Kelly explores the life of architect and designer Mary Colter, hired by the Harvey Company in the early 1900s. Joel Jensen investigates Allan Affeldt’s restoration of her crowning achievement, the La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona. John Gruber profiles noted photographer and 2015 conference presenter J. Parker Lamb. Winners of the 2014 John E. Gruber Creative Photography Award are displayed, including the first-prize photograph by Eric Williams, taken on the weekend of Conversations 2014.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage, Winter 2015: Western Pacific, “Stations”

Railroad Heritage 39, Winter 2015

Railroad Heritage is growing! The winter 2015 issue is forty-eight-pages, and we intend this to be the norm. Dick Dorn’s chilling image from the Western Pacific is a fitting cover. Dorn and fellow photographers Ted Benson, Dale Sanders, and Dave Stanley have produced a new book on the WP, 72-82: Western Pacific’s Final Decade, published by White River Productions. They are presenters at Conversations 2015, and the issue includes a preview of their work. The Center’s new archives manager, Jordan Radke, has finished processing the color photography in our Fred M. Springer Collection, and Radke presents an overview of this remarkable body of work, which spans six continents. Den Adler takes us back to the mid-19th century with the life and times of German artist Franz Hölzlhuber, who spent five years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and traveled frequently on early American failroads. Finally, 2013 conference presenter Matt Kierstead takes a deep look at Michael Flanagan’s book, Stations, and the methodology behind Flanagan’s evocative paintings. An additional story by John Gruber looks into the life of Santa Fe car repairman Robert Hill, photographed by Jack Delano, while in another short feature, railroad executive Henry Posner III and artist Mitch Markovitz discuss the painting ¡Lesivo!, prepared by Markowitz at Posner’s request.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w