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The Center’s journal, Railroad Heritage®, and other publications fill a unique niche: using photographs and art to inform the public and rail enthusiasts alike about the influence of railroads on economic growth and development, popular culture, and the lives of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who built and maintain North America’s railroads. Excellent images and highly researched and thoughtful writing characterize our publications. We launched Railroad Heritage in 2000 and now publish four issues annually, which our members receive for free as a benefit of membership. You can purchase previous issues here or by printing and mailing the order form (pdf).

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Railroad Heritage, Fall 2018: After Promontory, Esther Bubley, Conversations West

Curator Alexander Benjamin Craghead gives a preview of our new project, After Promontory: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Transcontinental Railroading, which we are preparing for next year’s sesquicentennial of the completion of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. Jean Bubley and Laura Handlin present New York’s Third Avenue El in photographs by Esther Bubley, Jean’s aunt. Artist J. Craig Thorpe shares a new painting and his thoughts on the parallels between Interurban and Progressive eras. Hailey Paige previews the presenters for our regional Conversations West conference on September 22 at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. In this installment of “Out of the Archives,” Adrienne Evans shares tips on donating collections to archives. Arjan den Boer showcases two posters for the unique Autorails Bugatti of the 1930s. Finally, we commemorate the passing of a legendary railroad photographer with a tribute to Jim Shaughnessy.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage 54: Fall 2018

Railroad Heritage, Summer 2018: Katherine Botkin, Catherine Gibbs

Katherine Botkin “married into” railroad photography and came to make the pursuit her own, having visited more than twenty countries in search of steam. She shares her story and experiences in her cover feature, “What I did for love.” Artist Catherine Gibbs uses railroad imagery to explore themes of both loneliness and hope with vivid, expressionistic paintings that feature bold colors and strong brushstrokes. Author Janusz Mrozek investigates her work in his article, “Railroad expressionism.” This issue’s columns explore metadata, Dutch travel posters, and our new Wallace W. Abbey exhibition. Curator Alexander Benjamin Craghead offers his interpretation of a photograph from our new project, After Promontory: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Transcontinental Railroading, which we are preparing for next year’s sesquicentennial of the completion of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. You can also read three book reviews and learn about our own newest book, Beebe and Clegg: Their Enduring Photographic Legacy.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage 53: Summer 2018

Railroad Heritage, Spring 2018: McNair Evans, Stewart Buck, Award Winners

David Lester provides a stimulating commentary on McNair Evans’s thought-provoking photographs as they reflect shared experiences within the American cultural landscape. Evans is a Guggenheim fellow and a featured presenter at Conversations 2018. Kevin P. Keefe highlights the outstanding and vivid pastels of artist Stewart Buck. Winners of the 2017 John E. Gruber Creative Photography Awards Program are also presented, featuring the top work in two different categories: “vision from the past” and “by the light of night.” The Center spotlights a new project for next year’s 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad called After Promontory: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Transcontinental Railroading. Archives manager Adrienne Evans offers her thoughts on how to understand and use finding aids in her first “Out of the Archives.” Hailey Paige, exhibitions and events coordinator, introduces a new column called “Inside the Exhibition” to give readers an inside look at one of the Center’s current traveling exhibitions. This edition features Milwaukee’s Beer Line. The Center also announces the publication of a new book featuring the photographs of Wallace Abbey entitled Wallace W. Abbey: A Life in Railroad Photography.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage 52, Spring 2018

Railroad Heritage, Winter 2018: Evanston Roundhouse, William G. Gordon

For the first issue of 2018, photographer and writer Joel Jensen provides an in-depth look at the restoration and repurposing of the former Union Pacific roundhouse in Evanston, Wyoming, a remarkable example of a community embracing its railroad heritage. Photographer Wayne Depperman reflects on his trackside “friends,” the motor car indicators, which also took him to Evanston. We preview our annual Conversations conference with highlights from the Appalachian steam photography of William G. Gordon, which will be featured at the conference. Jordan Radke’s final installment of “Out of the Archives” introduces some of the concerns surrounding born-digital materials. We also introduce our new archives manager, Adrienne Evans, who looks forward to continuing the column as part of her work on our collections, and we introduce two new staff members. Arjan den Boer examines German railway advertising targeting women travelers in his regular column about European poster art. We also review the new book “A Transportation Miracle” while providing an update on our traveling exhibitions’ 2018 tour schedule.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage 51, Winter 2018